**The Due date for Tender ref no.ELCOT/IT Infra/OT/32968/TNSDC PH I-DCO/2016-2017 for Selection of Data Centre Operator (DCO) for TNSDC Phase I is postponed. The revised bid submission date will be published shortly** *Pre-bid meeting for Tender ref no.ELCOT/IT-INFRA/TNSWAN/HC/OT-33005/Shifting and other service charges/2016-17 is postponed to 01.03.2017* * The Tender Notice & Document for Tender No.ELCOT/IT-INFRA/OT/32995/VPNoBB/2016-17 due on 02.03.2017 has been published in ELCOT & TN Website* * The Due date for Tender Ref No: ELCOT/32857/Digital Audio Work Station /2015-16 has been postponed. The Due Date will be published shortly*
About Us
Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu Limited (ELCOT) is a wholly owned Government of Tamil Nadu Undertaking, registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956, as a Company with the Registrar of Companies, Tamil Nadu on the 21st day of March 1977. ELCOT was established with the main objective to promote, establish and run State Public Sector Enterprises for Electronic items; manage, supervise, finance, advise, assist, aid or collaborate with any association, firm, company, enterprise, undertaking, institution or scheme for the advancement and development of all branches of electronics and of industries and business concerns based on or relating to electronics.

ELCOT commenced its commercial operations during the year 1981 by manufacturing Two-way communication equipments, electronic products and components through its own manufacturing units. ELCOT also did marketing of electronic products. ELCOT has gone from strength to strength and has grown vertically and horizontally since its inception.

Since the advent of the Information Technology (IT) revolution in India, ELCOT, with the support of Government of Tamil Nadu, diversified its area of operations from Electronics to Information Technology and started functioning under the Department of Information Technology, Government of Tamil Nadu from 1998 onwards. ELCOT has been providing hand holding support to Government and its Departments, Organizations, Boards, etc. in the area of IT / IT related initiatives and e-Governance. ELCOT has been running profitably since the year 1988-89. ELCOT is the nodal agency for Information and Communication Technology projects for the Government of Tamil Nadu. With a grand vision to make Tamil Nadu the premier IT destination in India,

Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu Limited (ELCOT) is a wholly owned Government of Tamil Nadu Undertaking, registered under the Indian Companies Act(1956). ELCOT is the nodal agency for Information and Communication Technology projects for the Government of Tamilnadu. With a grand vision to make Tamilnadu the premier IT destination in India, ELCOT excels in three broad areas, namely, IT promotion for the State of Tamilnadu, IT procurement for the Government of Tamilnadu and e-Governance excellence within Tamilnadu.

Current Operations of ELCOT.
ELCOT is the preferred nodal agency for carrying out major turnkey IT projects of the Government. The completed/ongoing such projects are, production of Electoral Photo identity card (EPIC) & Creation of Electoral roll database, Video conferencing facility at State and District headquarters, modernisation of Police control room, call center for Electricity Board, production of family cards numbering 18 million, production of Farmers cards numbering 8 million, computer education for schools & colleges, computerization of the Registration Department, computerization of land records, computerization of issue of driving license and procurement of colour televisions at a cost of Rs.7500 millions under the free colour television scheme(GO.M.S No.3 of IT department dated 20.06.06,GO.ID No.22 of IT department dated 30.06.06) of the Government.

ELCOT is also the optional procurement agency (G.O.Ms.No.58 of FINANCE (BPE) DEPARTMENT Dated:16.2.1999, Letter No.624/MIE.2/99-2, dated 21.10.1999) for procurement of computer hardware and software for Government Departments/Organisations/Boards. ELCOT has been providing services to the Government Departments /Organisations/Boards by understanding their requirement, arriving at the right solution/products and procurement/delivery of these products. ELCOT provides end-to-end IT solution support to Government Departments to improve their services to citizens, to provide transparency and to effect significant reductions in processing times.

ELCOT comes under the aegis of the Information Technology (IT) Department, Government of TamilNadu, The Secretary to Goverment, IT Department is also functioning as the Chairman of ELCOT. ELCOT has a Board of Directors comprising of senior IAS officers of the Government of TamilNadu.

The registered office of ELCOT and the office of the Managing Director is located at :

692, Anna Salai, MHU Complex, II Floor, Anna Salai,
Chennai-600 035

"ELCOT has an open office policy and encourages visitors to its corporate office to directly interact with the staff and the MD."