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IT Growth
Status of IT industry in Tamil Nadu
The growth of the software industry in Tamil Nadu has been spectacular: More than 930 Companies are operational with over 145,000 professionals employed

Year Total
Rs. in Crores
1993-1994 2
1994-1995 12
1995-1996 37
1996-1997 161
1997-1998 393
1998-1999 1246
1999-2000 1914
2000-2001 3116
2001-2002 5223
2002-2003 6316
2003-2004 7621
2004-2005 10703
2005-2006 14115

Number of Companies exporting Software from Tamil Nadu
Year Units


1994-1995 23
1995-1996 34
1996-1997 69
1997-1998 108
1998-1999 166
1999-2000 596
2000-2001 766
2001-2002 866
2002-2003 936
2003-2004 866
2004-2005 1266
2005-2006 1427

  • Studies by Harvard University, USA, (Papers # 728, 729 and “Readiness for the Networked World: A quiet Information Revolution in Tamil Nadu) have predicted that Tamil Nadu is well poised to emerge as the top IT State in India as well as a gateway to SE Asia
  • The “Watts Humphrey Software Quality Institute” established at Chennai – the only one of its kind in India.
  • The Chennai Chapter of The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE) has been established and is active.
  • Media Lab Asia - a collaborative effort of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India and Massachusetts Institute of Technology - has set up a Regional Research Laboratory at Chennai.
  • The Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Tamil Nadu and the Government of Tamil Nadu organized a successful International Conference & Exhibition on IT, Communication Technologies and Bioinformatics at Chennai during 13-16 September 2001 called “Connect 2001”. The venue was the Chennai Trade Centre of the Tamil Nadu Trade Promotion Organization at Nandambakkam
  • As a sequel to the success of “Connect 2001”, “Connect 2002”, “Connect 2003”and “Connect 2004” were held in partnership with CII Tamil Nadu during 2002-2004.
  • "Connect 2006" was held during 8-9 September 2005 at Chennai Trade Centre, Nandambakkam. The theme of the conference was "Strategy to accelerate Indian IT Industry".
  • The Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) of the Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India had organized ICNC–2001, an International Conference on Nanocomputing Technology Trends at Shanmuga College of Engineering, Thanjavur during December 16–18, 2001