*The Due date for Tender ref no. ELCOT/IT Infra/OT/32968/TNSDC PH I-DCO/2016-2017 for Selection of Data Centre Operator (DCO) for TNSDC Phase I is postponed. The revised tender submission date will be published shortly* * Corrigendum No.1 to Tender Document pertaining to the Tender Ref No:ELCOT/NW/32966/IT-SEC/ AUDIT/Multi Stage Tender/2016-17 due on 19/01/2017 is available in ELCOT & TN Website* *Tender with ref no: ELCOT/Networks/32960/Inaugural Event/2016 published for Provisioning of Audio - Video and Network related products for various VC events. Pre Bid Meeting is on 11.01.2017 @ 11am* * Tender Notice,Document,Corrigendum No.2(Pre-Bid clarification & Annexure),Corrigendum No.1 to Tender Notice for Supply and commissioning of 5,00,000 (0.5 Million) nos of Laptop Computers pertaining to the Tender Ref No:ELCOT/PID/ICB/LTC/PVI/2016-17 due on 27.01.2017 has been published in www.elcot.in & www.tenders.tn.gov.in website* * Tender documents (Volume - I,II,III) for Open Tender Ref No. ELCOT/IT-Infra/OT/32968/TNSDC PH I-DCO/ 2016-17 is available in ELCOT & TN Website* * Application form for Expression of Interest called for IT Space is available in ELCOT Website* * The Due date for Tender Ref No: ELCOT/32857/Digital Audio Work Station /2015-16 has been postponed. The Due Date will be published shortly*
Vision & Mission
Company Statements
ELCOT embraces open office policy and encourages visitors to its corporate office to directly interact with the staff and the Managing Director. We treat our Vendors as our Partners. At every level we také into confidence on Vendors. Payment of Bills is made in a record time of three days. We want to be the No.1. Transparent and Efficient company in India.
Vision :
"To establish Tamil Nadu as an E-enabled state and
the No.1 Global IT Destination"
Mission :
"To promote the concept of 'Totally Transparent' Procurement policies backed by stingent three day lead line for making Bill Payments, thus setting a National record in India and the whole of Developing Nations."

"To Propogate the strength of the state in the Areas of Power, Man-Power and stable political climate to get the maximum IT investments in Chennai and six other Tier II Destinations across Tamil Nadu."