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Advantage TamilNadu
Tamil Nadu has an IT friendly environment and IT savvy administration and it has become the world’s favorite IT destination. Today Information Technology has seamlessly integrated into all walks of life. Whether it is bustling metro or rural town, the Tamil Nadu Government has ensured that IT is used to enhancing growth and development.

Competitive Advantge :
  • Tamil Nadu ranked “BEST” among the Indian States for investment as per the report of Confederation of Indian Industry.
  • FDI” magazine of Financial Times rated Tamil Nadu as the “Asian region of the Future 2005-06” with maximum FDI potential.
  • Infrastructure development of Chennai rated better than other states/cities by independent site evaluation studies of Ford, World Bank, BMW, Foxconn, Stanchart, Nokia, Flextronics etc.,
  • Stable Political climate and Investor-friendly government
  • Tamil Nadu is Number one in skilled manpower availability in India .
  • The cost of Manpower and Cost of Living is lower in TamilNadu than other competing locations in India.
  • The Wage cost is cheaper than China, about 70-80% cheaper than U.S and Europe (In the U.S, it is USD 111 and in India it is, USD 18)
  • Cordial Industrial Relation is highly prevalent in the State and there is peaceful labor climate and Man-days lost during 2005 is less than 1% which is lowest in India. Also no man day lost in IT industry.
  • The attrition rate is lowest in the country.

THE GOVERNMENT facilitates the following for the investors.
  • Land - in different Industrial Parks
  • Uninterrupted quality Power Supply from dual source
  • Uninterrupted supply of Water and other utilities
  • Structured Incentives package of support with Comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) guaranteeing state Government support
  • Single Window Facilitation & In-principle composite approval on a fast-track mode within 30 days
  • Dedicated Project Facilitation Committee will be formed by Government that will escort project.

“Quality of Human Resources is the Key Differentiator of TamilNadu”

  • The State has high literacy rate of 73.5%
  • Tamil Nadu has the highest annual turnout of skilled Technical manpower. Every year 1,00,000 Engineering Graduates , 63,000 diploma holders and 1,13,000 ITI trained workers/operators are getting graduated .
  • The State has the reputed Indian Institute of Technology(I.I.T), 252 Engineering Colleges, 230 Polytechnics and 626 Industrial Training Institutes and 12 Deemed universities offering technical and medical education.

Universities in TamilNadu
Deemed Universities in TamilNadu
  • Power situation in Tamil Nadu is highly comfortable and better than competing locations in India.TamilNadu is the second largest Power generating state with the of capacity of 12,636 MW as on 31.03.2006 from its various power stations..
  • 2,970 MW from four Thermal Stations,
  • 424 MW from three Gas Turbine Stations,
  • 1987 MW from 32 Hydro Stations,
  • 988 MW from Private Sector Projects,
  • 2,705 MW as Tamil Nadu’s share from Central Generating stations and 360 MW from other sources
  • Generating capacity from privately owned wind farms is 2,930 MW
  • Cogeneration in Sugar Mills is 274.6 MW,
  • Biomass power project is 31 MW and through
  • Solar is 0.165 MW
  • 3000 MW surplus power as on date
  • Approval for new power generation facility to add another 6000 MW in the next 3 years is given during September 2006
  • Koodangulam Nuclear Power reactor is expected to be commissioned by December 2007 and Tamil Nadu’s share 500 MW.
The Government has released Right of Way (ROW) G.Oto accord centralized permission to the private /public telecom operators’ in the state to lay their own optical fibers. Till now five private operators have been given ROW permission in the State to augment the fiber route already available with BSNL .The intra-state connectivity is well established through the BSNL network and as well as through the other private telecom operators network. The international connectivity network which is essential for IT business is also in place in the state to accelerate the growth of software exports.
  • The Bharti-Singtel submarine cable link is terminated at Chennai, which has the bandwidth capacity of 8.4 tbps.this submarine cable is the world’s largest bandwidth that can carry more than 100 million conversions simultaneously and it links to Singapore.
  • In Singapore, it links to SingTel’s extensive cable network to the rest of the world. This includes the C2C (city-to-city), South East-Asia-Middle East-Western Europe (SEA-ME-WE3) and Asia Pacific cable network (APCN2)
  • A self-healing submarine cable network to provide 100 per cent redundancy and the highest reliability to all bandwidth users.
  • ELCOT is entering into MOU with Airtel to bring in a dedicated OFC pipe into each SEZ/IT park being promoted by ELCOT. Highly competitive rates expected from Airtel/ELCOT combine.
  • A second submarine cable with 5.12 tbps is commissioned by VSNL.
  • Total bandwidth available in Chennai is 13.52 tbps.
  • All value added communication services available on demand.