Information Technology  - Designation of ELCOT as Certifying Authority for availing additional Floor Space Index (FSI) Permission from CMDA - Orders - issued.

Information Technology  Department

G.O.Ms. No. 13
Dated: 16.08.2002


1. From the CMD, ELCOT D.O.letter No. GMD/522/FSI/GC/2001, dated 1.2.2001.

Read also: 

G.O.Ms.No.180, Housing and Urban Development (UDI) , dated   25.5.1998.       



In G.O. read above, Government have issued orders amending the Chennai Metropolitan  Area Development control Rules.  The Rules relating to the Information Technology Parks have been amended for development of Land and building for the purpose to  accelerate the growth of Information  Technology including the manufacture of Hardware, development of Software and its associated computer Communication Technology applications.  The amended rules facilitate the relaxation of Floor Space Index (FSI) and other norms for the buildings in the Information Technology Parks and it has been stated in the amended rules that an appropriate authority would be designated by the Government for the purpose, This authority so designated by the Government shall certify to CMDA for issue of the relaxation mentioned above. 

2.       The Managing Director, ELCOT has sent proposal for certification for development of IT Parks and to avail the exemption from FSI and other norms.  ELCOT is an IT developmental and promotional agency and has been approached by IT Parks developers for such certification.

3.       The Government after careful consideration has accepted the proposal of ELCOT and designate ELCOT as the Certifying Authority for the purpose of Development of IT Parks and for availing exemption from FSI and other norms from the CMDA.

 4.       This order issues with the concurrence of Housing and Urban Development  Department.




The Managing Director, ELCOT, Chennai-35.
The Member Secretary, CMDA, Chennai-8.
The Commissioner of Corporation , Chennai-3.
The Secretary to Government, Housing and
 Urban Development Department, Chennai-9.
The Secretary to Government, Finance/P&D/MAWS/Energy Department, Chennai-9
The Deputy Director General, National Informatic Centre, Besant Nagar, Chennai-90. 

Copy to:

Secretary - II to Chief Minister, Chennai-9.
Senior P.A. to Minister (Law & Information Technology), Chennai-9.
P.A. to Minister (Housing & Urban Development ), Chennai-9.
Private  Secretary to Chief  Secretary
Private Secretary to Secretary, Information Technology, Chennai-9.
Private Secretary to Secretary, Industries Department, Chennai-9.  
The Deputy Director General, National Informatics Centre, Besant Nagar, Chennai-90
National Informatics Centre, Secretariat, Chennai-9


Section Officer.