Urban development-Chennai metropolitan area-Development control rules-rules relating to information technology parks-amendment to development control rules-orders-issued.


  G.O.Ms.No.180				Dated:25/5/98


  From the Vice Chairman,Chennai metropolitan development authority,D.O.
  letter no.M2/30736/97 dated 16/3/98 and 2/4/98 .


The member secretary,Chennai metropolitan development authority in his letters read above  has  sent draft amendment to development control rules for inserting new section 17(a) to the development control rules for approval of the government and also for publication of the same in the Tamil Nadu government gazette.

1.The government,after careful consideration of the draft amendment to the development control rules,have decided to approve the same.

2.The works manager,government central press,Chennai-79 is requested to publish the notification appended to this order in the next issue of the Tamil Nadu government gazette.


                                                                                SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT.



In exercise of the powers conferred by sub section (4) of section 32 of the Tamil Nadu Town and Country planning act,1971(Tamil Nadu act 35 of 1972), the governor of Tamil Nadu hereby makes the following variations to the master plan of the Chennai metropolitan area,approved under the act and published with the rural development and local administration department notification No.II(1)(RUL)/350/76, at page 235 of part II section I of the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette,dated the 15th December 1976


 In the said master plan,in the Development Control Rules

  • In rule 17,after subrule(d) the following subrule shall be added namely  (e).Information Technology Park (ITP)

Development of the land and building for the purposes to accelerate the growth of information technology including the manufacture of hardware,development of software and its associated computer communication technology applications shall conform to the rules for information technology park given in annexure XV.

  • After annexure XIV the following annexure shall be added namely




 (See rule 17(e) of the Development control rules).

  • (a) The development of land and building for the purpose of Development of Information Technology Park,software and its associated,computer technology shall be certified by the appropriate authority designated by the government for the purpose and shall be in the following use zones as indicated below:
      Primary Residential use zone

  1.   Mixed residential use zone;

  2.   Commercial use zone;

  3.   Institutional use zone;

  4.   Light Industrial use zone;

  5.   General Industrial use zone;

  (b) Areas: The proposed development shall be permitted in the whole of Chennai Metropolitan area, subject to the provision of adequate water supply and sewerage disposal arrangements to the satisfaction of the Authority in consultation with the Chennai Metropolitan water supply and sewerage board, Tamil Nadu pollution Control Board ,Local Body, as the case may be.

  • Activities: Manufacture of hardware, development of software and its associated computer -communication technology applications, including offices, conference halls and projection theatres connected therewith , only shall be permitted.No showrooms,other offices,residential uses and activities of similar nature shall be permitted.

  Provided that incidental activities such as staff canteen,staff recreational area,guest accommodation,watchmen quarters, and the like not exceeding 10 percent of the total floor area shall be permitted.

  Provided further that within the above ceiling of 10 percent each of the above incidental activities should not exceed 5 percent of the total floor area .

  • Road width:

    The proposed development shall either about on a public road of not less than 18 mts. In width or gain access from a passage of not less than 18 mts. Width which connects to a public road of not less than 18 mts. Width.

  • Site extent:

    The minimum size extent shall not be less than 2000 sq.mts.

  • Height:

    If the proposal relates to multi storeyed building the minimum permissible height of the building shall be two times the width of abutting road; and for non multi storeyed buildings it should confirm to the requirements as prescribed in the respective development control rules.

  • Floor space index:

    The floor space index for such development shall be allowed at 1.5 times the floor space index ordinarily permissible in development control rules.If such proposals fall within the categories listed in the sub rule(a) above.

  • Caution deposit:

    (a.) 10 percent of the guideline value of the total land, or 20 percent of the guide line value of the land area equal to which additional floor area is availed, whichever is higher shall be remitted by demand draft, drawn on any scheduled bank in Chennai city , in favour of the member secretary,Chennai metropolitan development authority as a refundable interest bearing caution deposit before issue of the planning permission.

(b).The caution Deposit paid is refundable after a period of five years from complete occupation and commencement of of commercial operation subject to confirmation by a certificate from the designated authority certifying that the construction is put into continuous usage for information Technology parks for the said five years.

(c).If the building is utilised for any other purpose during this period the caution deposit shall be forfeited.

(d). The rate of interest for the caution deposit would be on par with the State Bank of India's five year period fixed deposit rate, which is in force on the date of drawal of the demand draft .

.(e). The caution deposit referred to above shall be different from , and over and above the security deposit to be paid in the normal course of issue of planning permission.

  • Car Parking Standards:

    The covered car parking space upto 50 percent over and above the rules of development control rules will be allowed upto and inclusive of first floor and the same shall not be included in the floor space index.

  • Other parameters:

    Except for the above said rules, the developments shall conform to the development control rules in respect of all other parameters.






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