1. Video Conferencing & Other services:

  a) ELCOT is facilitating Video Conferencing events for inauguration of welfare Schemes by Hon’ble Chief Minister by providing required VC equipments, connectivity and technical support. From          May 2016 to March 2019, 186 Welfare Schemes of Various Departments have been inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister.

  b) ELCOT supply and install Video Conferencing equipments are procured and supplied to various Government Departments.

2. CCTV Surveillance system:

  a) Provides CCTV Surveillance system with accessories for the examinations conducted by various Government Departments/Agencies, such as TNPSC, High Court, and Director of Medical                    Education.

  b) During Election, in order to ensure transparency, ELCOT facilitate CCTV surveillance system for monitoring the call center setup at various Districts in Tamil Nadu.

  c) Supply and Maintenance of CCTV system at Namakkal Kavignar Maaligai and Main Building at Secretariat with monitoring facility on 24 x 7 basis.

3. e-Notice Board:

  Procurement of Studio based Video Conferencing system and supply of e-notice board for Court Complexes in Tamil Nadu.

4. e-Clocks:

  Supply and Maintenance of Digitally synchronized clocks at Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly.


  Internet facility is provided for all the Departments in Secretariat and maintained on 24/7 basis.


  LAN cabling is provided for all Departments in Secretariat and additional requirements are also carried out as and when required.

7. Manpower Supply :

  ELCOT Provides Manpower supply by empanelling outsourcing Agencies for various Government Departments.

8. Procurement Service for World Bank Fund :

  ELCOT procures IT related Products such as Computer and other accessories to various Departments for World Bank Fund.

9. Security Audit:

  Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test (VA & PT) is done by empanelling vendors based on requirement and request from the Departments for the application before hosting in Data Center.

special projects:

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