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  • IT Space Allotment
  • IT Park Layout
  • Details of Land

    ELCOT has established an IT SEZ at Gangaikondan village, Tirunelveli, at an investment of Rs. 55.88 crore in an extent of 500 acres, out of which SEZ approval is accorded for an extent of 290 acres. An administrative-cum-IT building is also constructed by ELCOT in an extent of 56,720 sq.ft. and ready for occupancy.

  • Present Allottees and Lands reserved for Allottees

    In this ELCOSEZ 112 acres of land in SEZ area and 25 acres of land allotted in the Non-SEZ area to the following companies on lease basis.

    S.No Name of the Company Land Allotted (In Acres)
    1 M/s. Syntel International Pvt. Ltd (M/s. Atos Syntel) 100
    3 M/s. A & D Cosmic Power Pvt. Ltd. 25 (Non SEZ area)
    2 M/s Sutherland Global Services Ltd 10
    4 M/s. Deccan I Services. 2

    M/s. Syntel International Pvt. Ltd (M/s. Atos Syntel) has constructed a 2.60 lakh sq.ft. IT building and has formally inaugurated on 29.04.2019.

  • Land Allotment Government Orders(G.O's)
  • Special Economic Zone Approval

    No.F.1/54/2007-SEZ, Ministry Commerce and Industry, Department of Commerce, dated 26-07-2007.(for 100 acres)and dated 17.06.2011(for 190 acres).

  • Land Allotment Application

    Land Allotment Application

    Applications are invited from IT/ITES Companies which have a clear roadmap for Export based business for allotment of land in the above mentioned IT Park / SEZ promoted by Government of Tamil Nadu through ELCOT (A Government of Tamil Nadu Undertaking). Electronic Manufacturing Companies with an export agenda may also apply. 

    Application should be accompanied by a statement in a prescribed format. (Download Land Requirement Form. )

    a. Land per acre Cost

    Tirunelveli (Gangaikondan) SEZ(48.8) - Non-SEZ(147.87) 15.00

    b. Eligibility Criteria

  • Electricity position and allotment of land for construction of sub-station for Tirunelveli IT park

    A 133/11 KVA substation is now available abutting the IT Park site. An area of 12.92 acres has been allocated in the IT Park site for commissioning a 230/33 KV substation with 4 X 50 MVA power Transformer.

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