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  • IT Space Allotment

    IT Space Allotment

    SI No. Name of the Company Space Allotted (In Sq.Ft)
    1 M/s. Sennovate Infotech Pvt. Ltd 3,500
    2 M/s. Memsys Technologies Pvt. Ltd 3,448
    3 M/s. Vee imaging Solutions Pvt. Ltd 10,562
    3 M/s. Knowledge Lens Pvt. Ltd 1,000
    4 M/s. Dilogy Solutions Pvt. Ltd 1,000
    5 M/s. Stinsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd 989
    6 M/s. Vee Technologies Pvt. Ltd 10,562
    7 M/s. eMudhra Ltd 2,989

    Floor Plan details

  • IT Park Layout
  • Details of Land

    ELCOT has established an IT SEZ at Jagirammapalayam village, Salem, in an extent of 53.33 acres of land at an investment of Rs.40.53 crore.

    Land Reclassification Approval

  • Present Allottees and Lands reserved for Allottees


    SI No. Name of the Company Land Allotted (In Acres)
      Allotted Reserved
    1 ELCOT   2.387
    2 M/s. Vee Technologies Private Limited 9.490  
    3 M/s. TANTRNSCO Limited 7.881  
    4 M/s Mahima Technologies Pvt. Limited 3  
    5 M/s. GTP Infotech Solutions Limited   2.5
    6 M/s. Sennovate Infotech (India) Private Limited   1.25
    7 M/s. eMudhra Limited 2.5  
    8 M/s. Anmol Technologies Private Limited 1  
  • Land Alienated Government Order to ELCOT
  • Special Economic Zone Approval

    No.F1/57/2007-SEZ,GOI Ministry Commerce and Industry, Department of Commerce, dated 26-07-2006

  • Land Allotment Application

    Land Allotment Application

    Applications are invited from IT/ITES Companies which have a clear roadmap for Export based business for allotment of land in the above mentioned IT Park / SEZ promoted by Government of Tamil Nadu through ELCOT (A Government of Tamil Nadu Undertaking). Electronic Manufacturing Companies with an export agenda may also apply.

    Application should be accompanied by a statement in a prescribed format. (Download Land Requirement Form. )

    a. Land per acre Cost

    Location Available Land Area (In Acres) Current Land cost per acre (on 99 year leasehold basis) (Rs. In lakhs)
    Salem Jagir Ammapalayam IT/ITES SEZ 11.65 25

    b. Eligibility Criteria

  • Space Allotment Application
  • Electricity position and allotment of land for construction of sub-station for Salem IT park

    Electricity position and allotment of land for construction of sub-station for Salem IT park- land earmarked to set up 230 KV substation by TNEB.

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