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Vision & Mission


Company Statements

ELCOT embraces open office policy and encourages visitors to its corporate office to directly interact with the staff and the Managing Director. We treat our Vendors as our Partners. At every level we take into confidence on Vendors. Payment of Bills is made in a record time of three days. We want to be the No.1. Transparent and Efficient company in India.



To assist the Government in establishing Tamil Nadu as an e-Enabled State



  1. Building a Brand image of Tamil Nadu as a modern state, an attractive location for people and businesses.
  2. Elevating Tamil Nadu as the destination of choice for IT Investors across the world.
  3. Being the preferred vendor of choice for procurement of IT products and services


  1. To take up IT promotion to make Tamil Nadu a preferred destination of choice for investors.
  2. To become the key procurement agency for IT hardware / software and providing consultancy for Government Departments.
  3. Providing IT Infrastructure to Government Departments.
  4. Providing IT Manpower Support to the Government Departments.
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