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Invitation of Applications for Establishing of Rural BPO's in Village Panchayats in Tamil Nadu.

Rural BPO Policy 2012

Enhanced Rural BPO Policy was released by the Government on June 01, 2012 .

Rural BPOs krishnagiri model - FOSTeRA Fastening Technologies in Rural Areas

A Rural Business Process Outsourcing unit (BPO) was established by the Krishnagiri District Administration, at Sanasandiram village, Chennathur Panchayat, Hosur Block, Krishnagiri District to train and employ Naxal affected youth of 10th std and above into skilled BPO workers and subsequently employ them to work in the BPO. This is India's first rural BPO and was inaugurated by Honourable Minister for Local Administration on 30-08-2007. A second BPO at Alapatti village was also inaugurated by Honourable Minister for Local Administration on 30-12-2007. The BPOs have been christened as FOSTeRA (Fostering Technologies in Rural Areas), similar BPOs have been established at Uthangarai, Maganurpatti, and Mittapalli. There is good demand to set up similar BPOs in many areas in Krishnagiri District, other Districts of Tamil Nadu, Kerala etc.

FOSTeRA (Fostering Technologies in Rural Areas), Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu

Objective of the Project:

  • To train and employ rural youth (from very poor socio- Economic backgrounds) whose minimum educational qualifications is 10th failed into international BPO workers.
  • 2. To prevent migration of youth to the cities.
  • 3. To wean away the youth from Naxal influence.
  • 4. To use the rural BPO for e-Governance activities.
  • 5. To shift the focus of the BPO industry in rural areas.

Date of Launch of Project: 31/08/2007.


  • 1. Sanasandiram Village, Chennathur Village Panchayat, Hosur Taluk, Krishnagiri District.
  • 2. Alapatti Village Panchayat, Krishnagiri Taluk.
  • 3. Magnurpatti Village Panchayat, Uthangarai Taluk.
  • 4. Uthangarai

Beneficiaries of the Project: Rural youth from Naxal affected areas of Krishnagiri District.

(i) Situation before the initiative:

These youth were engaged in various village related activities like cattle grazing, sheep rearing, running petty shops, doing sundry business or simply unemployed, etc. Some of these youth had undergone basic computer training, whereas most of them were new to Information Technology. These youth are drawn from the naxal affected areas of Krishnagiri District.

Typing speed : 10 to 15 words per minute

Accuracy : 40%

English Language skills : Nil/Negligible

Etiquette : Nil

(ii) Strategy Adopted:

  • Provided the best ambience for training suited for BPO training. Dilapidated Community Halls in these villages have been transformed into a world class BPO facilities.
  • Engaged the best Professional from the BPO industry for imparting training in computers, soft skills, English speaking, typing skills, speed, accuracy, motivation etc
  • Provided trial projects from reputed BPO firms to give the, a feel of the actual work involved
  • Provided stipend and food during training.
  • Involvement, guidance, encouragement of the District Collector and his team.
  • The dedicated service of the co_Founder and full time Professional Tr. Ashok Kumar, ensured that the objective was achieved.
  • The project is a success thanks to the total involvement of the local elected
  • representatives, MPs/MLAs.
  • FOSTeRA society was registered under the Societies Registration Act to ensure sustainability.

The Society is headed by the District Collector, with the following members:

  • District Revenue Officer
  • Superintendent of Police
  • P.O., DRDA
  • Sub Collector, Hosur.
  • DSP, Hosur
  • DGM, BSNL, Hosur
  • TNEB
  • Head of various Departments of Government
  • President, Hosur Industries Association
  • President, HOSTIA (Hosur Small Industries Association)

(iii) Result Achieved/Value Delivered to beneficiary of the project:

  • FOSTeRA is India's first ever rural BPO, established by the any District Administration.It has signed long term and renewable MOUs with International and Domestic Companies and Government Departments.
  • Typing speed :65 to 70 words per minute (As per industry standards)
  • Accuracy :99.5% (As per industry standards)
  • English language skills :Can read fluently, converse fluently and communicate with clarity.
  • Now these youth (37 youth) are doing international BPO work to the satisfaction of the Clients and earning between Rs.5000/- to Rs.10,000/- per month.

Demand for more such units are coming up in the District. These are being driven by the local Village Panchayat Preisents, MPs and MLAs.

(iv) Other distinctive features/accomplishments of the project:

  • Received ISO 9001-2000 certification.
  • The entire financial transactions are web enable via Tally ver.9 software to enable all the Board members to view revenue and expenditure.
  • NASSCOM has given membership to FOSTeRA.
  • International Consultancy for rating IT companies dun & Bradstreet has approached FOSTeRA for International rating.
  • This is an initiative of the District Administration with funding for the project being drawn from DRDA and SEDP funds (Socio-economic Development Project for Naxal affected areas).
  • Attendance by Swipe card system.
  • Mini cafeteria to cater to the employees.
  • All computers and peripherals are of the State of the Art quality.
  • We have ensured that only original Microsoft Software is used.
  • Different State Governments such as Karnataka, Kerala and A.P. have initiated Rural BPO policies based on the Krishnagiri District BPO Model.

At present the following processes are carried out:

  • Scanning process.
  • Data Entry/Conversion
  • RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)
  • collection Process (Voice).
  • Form filling works (Insurance, Telecom, Ration Card, e-electoral roll, etc.)
  • Police data mining work.
  • Call Centre (Enquiry)
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